Great YouTube Channels: Retro Gaming Special!

We all know that YouTube is a worldwide phenomenon, there is definitely no denying that. You can search up pretty much anything that isn't questionable and find several videos on the subject. You want to learn how to wrap your cat up in wrapping paper to give to someone as a Christmas present? YouTube will most definitely have a video on that. No, seriously, it actually does. My favourite reason for using YouTube is definitely retro gaming videos. I am subscribed to a tonne of different content creators, and today I thought I'd share just a few fantastic retro gaming channels with you, some are more well known than others, but I guarantee that you'll finish reading this post having subscribed to at least one of them (I hope so anyway).

The Easter Egg Hunter


How cool are Easter Eggs in video games? You know those little, often weird, secrets that are hidden away by game developers for us to seek out and discover? Well YouTube bloke Chipsturs has been hunting these Easter Eggs for 2 years now (although he does focus on other retro game-related content!) and it doesn't look like he's going to stop soon, which is good, because I can't get enough of his videos. His demeanour is charismatic, and his videos are well-explained and interesting. Check him out, you might find something in a favourite game of yours that you didn't even realise was there!  

Replay Retro


If, like me, you love the history of gaming, then Replay Retro is definitely a show you need to watch. The main series on his channel focuses on looking back at the video game systems of the past, giving an informative history lesson on each console before showing us what the system is like and showing us some gameplay footage. Give one video a chance and trust me, you won't stop until you've watched them all. Click here to go to his channel.

Adam Koralik


I mentioned Adam's channel in my article about Shenmue, but hey, I'm going to mention him again for those who aren't in the know. I stumbled upon Adam's channel looking for Dreamcast-related videos, and he has made a lot, as he is a mega fan of the system. Despite focusing on the Dreamcast a lot, he has moved onto other retro gaming videos including unboxings, pick-up videos, tutorials (on how to clean consoles etc.) and talks on various topics. I admire his enthusiasm for retro gaming and the amount of different content he covers. Check him out, he will definitely have a video for you.

Leftover Culture Review


Hailing from the land of Australia, Leftover Culture Review is a show by 'Bruiser'. Playing on the fact that a lot of things take a long time to be released down under, Bruiser is out 'to shed insight and help Australians everywhere keep up with the pack'. Damn, he does a good job of it. His reviews are informative, with creative explanations on certain things. His videos are also expertly shot and produced. He covers a lot of obscurer consoles like the Atari Jaguar and the Neo Geo CD, so head over to his channel and give his videos a try!

Retro Game Tech


I never knew that tearing apart retro gaming systems and modding them could be so fascinating. Martin, the fellow behind Retro Game Tech really knows what he is doing when it comes to hardware. He has done some incredible things like modded a Sega Nomad to have better battery life and an LCD screen, as well as buying cheap broken consoles for cheap on eBay, repairing them with not too much trouble, and getting himself a bargain (the console I'm thinking of in particular was a Neo Geo AES). Have a look!

Retro Revisted


He hasn't been on YouTube as long as the other YouTube channels on this list, but it is absolutely clear that video creator Simon Reed is out to impress. His videos are well produced and full of character, with loveable quirky humour. Also he has this quiet voice that is surprisingly soothing to listen to. He mainly focuses on retro gaming news, but he has recently been doing some retrospectives, as well as some Top 5 videos. Check out his videos, this guy definitely has the potential to be huge!

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