Music Spotlight: G-Eazy - 'Been On'

Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a superb Good Friday. So I wanted to bring back the 'Song of the Week' feature, but decided against it, as it it didn't really make sense, as it wasn't a weekly feature. It was more like, a song of the fortnight if anything. This is why I've moved individual song-related articles to the 'Music Spotlight' section. This way we can still recommend you music without things getting confusing.

Being a weird nocturnal creature, I found this song late at night. I had heard about G-Eazy before but hadn't actually gotten around to checking out his music. Like I do with all musicians, I typed his name into YouTube and looked for his most popular song, to give myself a taster. The track that came up was 'Been On', and what a taster it was.

The pulsing synths. The succinct lyricism. The crystal clear vocals. The simple yet effective music video. This song was even better than what I was expecting (I'm not really sure what I was expecting, but you get the point), I was hooked instantly. 'Been On' was quickly purchased from iTunes and soon became the most played song in my music library. I have since checked out some other tracks by G-Eazy and enjoyed them a lot (like his tracks 'Tumblr Girls', 'Marilyn' and 'Lady Killers'), but this one still gets me every time. Check it out above, maybe it'll get you to.

You can purchase the song from iTunes here. His album 'These Things Happen' is due to be released this year.

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