Star Wars Kinect (Game Review)


Have you ever wanted to embark on a Jedi Adventure? Race a Podracer? Be a Rancor and smash shit up? Duel Darth Vader himself in a lightsaber battle to the death? Dance like one of Jabba the Hutt's girls? ...Okay well maybe not that last one so much. But if the other ones sound awesome, then a game you must play is Star Wars Kinect on Microsoft's Xbox 360!

I bought the game 4 days ago, and have been glued to this game ever since. It's probably due to the fact that I've always wanting to play a Star Wars game that’s so life-like. So a game that uses the Kinect hardware is as life-like as it gets at the moment, as you are the controller! The game places you into the Star Wars storyline after the events of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. You play as a Padawan, going through three worlds, and takes you on a journey all the way to the end of Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith! The Kinect controls work great, but it is kind of annoying if you don’t have the 6 feet space. The Lightsaber controls also work great, but I still cannot deflect droids bullets.

At one point, you get to control the main guns on a starship, making you feel like you're Luke Skywalker or Han Solo during the Tie-Fighter attack on the Millennium Falcon back in Episode IV: A New Hope.

The Podracing is kind of tiresome but so exhilarating as you get to control Anakin’s old podracer just like he did in Episode I! Wotto is your coach and old foes return including Sebulba (who has also come out of retirement just like Wotto). I swear that my arms will fall off during each level but I love it after each race. Also, the controls can be awkward (for example, when activating your defences or attacks) but I am sure I will get it right soon with some practise!

You get to play as a Rancor at one point too, which is pretty cool, as it makes you feel like you are Godzilla or King Kong as you smash your way through everything (only this time you smash through Tatooine and other planets). You crush, squash, smack, pick up and charge through everything, not letting anybody get in the way. You can even smack Tie-fighters out of the sky and roar at everything in your rampage!

The Dancing is alright, but probably only really fun if you like games like Dance Central and you are really desperate enough to actually want to dance in front of Jabba the Hut or Emperor Palpatine. Some of the songs have been re-done with lyrics being changed to be Star Wars-related, for example, Jason DerĂ¼lo's Riding Solo has been changed to contain lyrics about Han Solo (how original). I guess something like this would be funny at parties if you and a bunch of friends are drunk as hell and want to laugh at each other. Also, you might get girls involved, which is always a bonus.

The last thing you can do on this game is called 'Duel of the Fates', which is quite obviously a light Saber duel. You start off battling various Sith Lords then move on to fight the one-and-only Darth Vader! The music is perfect for any huge Star Wars fan and combined with the duels, it will surely get your adrenaline pumping, and you will finally feel like you are in this for real and are actually part of the Star Wars Story for once!

If Star Wars is what you love, then this game is worth playing!

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