April 2012: Music I'm Enjoying This Month

You know sometimes a month can go by and no good music comes out, the charts don't really change, and you don't really have a song that you love so much that you will play it on repeat until you hate it. Well this hasn't happened this April, because some good-ass music has been blasting from my speakers every day this month! Here are some of the people I've been listening to this month.

Deuce - Help Me

The amount of talent this guy has really astounds me. He does everything, and he does it well. He raps, sings (some of the catchiest choruses I've ever heard), produces and writes all of his own music, and rather well, I might add. I've made posts about Deuce's previous two singles (read those posts here, and here) leading up to the release of his new album Nine Lives (released next month) and here is Deuce again, back with another fantastic track (this guy never stops churning out hits) where this time he addresses the greedy fellows at the top of the music industry. Good for him.

Marina & The Diamonds - Primadonna

This one is from another artist that has previously been featured on the site, Marina & The Diamonds. You can see that post here if you are interesting in reading it. Anyway, in that post I mentioned that Marina 'will grace us with more fantastic singles'. She has just released this and holy shit, it's probably some of her best work yet. What I love especially is the bit where she sings 'Would you do anything for me? Buy a big diamond ring for me?'. Why? Well, it's a really catchy bit of the song, and also... what boy wouldn't if they could? Marina Diamandis is a babe mate.

Eve 6 - Rescue

I found this little number in the deep shadowy depths of my oversized iTunes library. Eve 6 are a well decent band that split up in 2004 and then got back together in 2007, However they have only just got around to releasing a new album this year. It is going to be released on the 24th of this month and it is called Speak In Code. If you haven't already heard of Eve 6 and are interesting in getting into them, I recommend giving the Horrorscope album a listen, which is an overall great blend of 90s/early 00s pop punk. Also, the album It's All In Your Head is really good, although it wasn't very well-received at all, probably because its lyrical content and sound is much more darker than the Horroscope album. I love the song above due to its lyrical content and just for the fact that is ridiculously catchy.

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