Great YouTube Channels: HappyConsoleGamer

I love stories, especially nostalgia-related stories... and if you are a frequent reader of this blog then you will know how much I love telling stories! I also love to hear them, and that is exactly why HappyConsoleGamer got a subscription from me. This dude (Johnny Millenium) tells some pretty good stories, and before you ask, it's none of that 'Cool Story Bro' sort of stuff, but genuine well-told and interesting stories about Johnny's experiences  of gaming through his life. What was I doing in 1991 when Street Fighter was released? Um, well I technically didn't exist. But Johnny Millenium and his buddy Rob man can fill me in about their funny arcade/Street Fighter 2 experiences, which is awesome, as that is probably a time I'd like to go back to and visit if I had a time machine, although that blink-182/Green Day/Jimmy Eat World tour that happened around 2002 that I missed out on is kind of my priority right now when it comes to time travel.
HappyConsoleGamer also has some things I can relate to as well, which is great, such as how funnily bad (yet good) Blue Stinger is, and Dreamcast-related stuff as well as other cool series that I remember from when I was young, and also from much more recently. Here are a few of my favourite videos from HappyConsoleGamer, but be sure to check out the rest at the channel, by clicking here!

Hooray for nostalgia, we have it in us all, and I praise the dudes at the HappyConsoleGamer channel for not being afraid to share theirs with us!

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