YouTube Video Of The Week: "Fat Kid Falls Off Van"

It's double posts today! And nothing better than for the second of the posts to be based around a video of a fat kid falling off a van. It's funny when people do stupid things, but when they have a bit of extra weight, for some reason it just makes it all the more hilarious. This one is particularly funny.

And by the way, the MCM Expo was great! Josh, Mac, our friend Peace and myself went all the way to London (well Mac and Peace went early and met us there, but still came back at the same time) and back to enjoy spending money on random nerdy memorabilia and meeting some very nice people who take their loves for assorted media fairly seriously. Perhaps I kind of jinxed us a little with the "Unless something bad happens... which we hope doesn't!" bit on the Mashiroiro Symphony post, because all of the London Underground's Circle Line was closed, so we spent ages trying to navigate our way back to London Victoria station. Bravo to us for getting home in one piece! We might all do some stuff about Expo in another post, so be sure to check it out if we do!

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