Let's Talk About: 5 Centimetres Per Second


5 Centimetres Per Second is one of the most amazing, heartbreaking and truthful anime films I have ever seen. The film is a tableau of young love, loss and hope. Its a three part film explaining one man's story through the painful and joyful times of his life, portrayed with fantastic scenery literally every second.


As I watched the film, I was very moved by the touching story and also affected by understanding that a lot of this I can relate to. It also pictures a lot of things that are bound to happen in most people's lives, especially in regards to caring for somebody you love. It also shows us that the ties of friendship can be affected through time and location! The director Makoto Shinkai is the fantastic director of this masterpiece. People say he is to become the next Miyazaki (of Studio Ghibli).


The film's content may be true (most of it) but its still a great film to watch, even if the truth sometimes hurts. It kind of makes me want to live in Japan (well, if you ignore the radiation) whether it be rural or urban. The travelling would be interesting and the culture is fantastic. Maybe that's a future plan for the Alt:Mag team, to go to Japan one day (as long as we can speak some of the language, haha!)
But anyway... I definitely recommend this film to any one who is a fan of romance and deep stories about life!

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