Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color Of Lovers (First Impressions)


It's not too often that an anime is made completely from scratch. As of recent, we have had animes such as Angel Beats! by Key and the upcoming Girl's Work by Type-Moon, but usually, it is an adaptation of something already available to buy. These include things such as a novel, a manga, or in the case of Mashiroiro Symphony; a hentai game.
But don't let the idea of Mashiroiro Symphony being a remake of a hentai game creep you out, because it has been adapted into an anime for teenage audiences.

The Kagami Academy that Uryuu Shingo and his sister Uryuu Sakuno attend decided to be joined with the all-girls school, Yuihime Academy. Shingo, Sakuno, his best friend Mukunashi Hayata, and more of his friends from the same school are temporarily transferred to Yuihime until they officially consolidate. But on their first day at Yuihime, the principal's daughter, Sena Airi, disagrees with the merger. And they're not welcoming for the male students!

Shingo, Hayata, and the male students have to work hard...

Well, that is the synopsis for the anime... and it is a little bit too wordy... it also sounds a little generic, but the storyline starts to develop deeper and it wants you to stick around to see its development. Currently, 4 episodes have aired in Japan and have been subtitled by some cool fansub dudes, which means we don't have to spend years learning Japanese to be able to watch them. Hooray!


So far, the storyline in the 4 current episodes have developed nicely. The animation is very cute and colourful and seems to jump out at you, while the music is riddled with melancholy and remains rather relaxed. The voice acting is pretty good, however some of the voices of the female characters are slightly irritating as they fall under the very over-used and perhaps inaccurate category of 'squeaky means cute'.


Overall, this anime has had me tuning in every week and it seems to draw me in every time, which is good. My only criticism however, is the character design is slightly unimaginative and there are too many unnecessary insertions of random moé things, such as the character who just happens to insist on dressing in a maid outfit and the character who just happens to have a job where she dresses up in cat ears and hands out leaflets to a maid café. It kind of feels like the makers of the anime couldn't help their sexual urges. I guess this isn't too much of a problem, but it kind of stamps on the credibility of what could be a very genuine and clean romance anime.


So far, this anime hasn't let me down, but the future is unpredictable for it, though the storyline so far has been rather solid, it could still run the risk of falling flat on its face. Similar to another anime called Fortune Arterial, which was kind of similar, but had probably the lamest ending ever. But anyhow, maybe the story will become weaker, but for now, we'll stay tuned and keep on watching!


66.66% of the Alt:Mag team is off to the MCM Expo in London over this weekend, so we'll keep you posted on what antics we got up to! Unless something bad happens... which we hope doesn't!

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