Underrated Games: "Glove On Fight"

After blubbering like a baby/a woman in her 50's/an over-sensitive male editor of an online magazine (delete as appropriate) over the film 'Listen To Your Heart', I have decided to talk about something more upbeat and cheerful.

Glove On Fight is a dōjin (dōjin basically means a self-published work) boxing fighter game thing that I used to play from time to time around 3 or 4 years ago on an old beat up hand-me-down laptop (well, when I say hand-me-down, I simply mean that it was so crap that nobody in my family wanted it any more). I called that particular laptop 'The Oven', because it became so overheated during use it could have probably warmed the whole house up on the coldest day of the year. Anyhow, I used to play Glove On Fight on this laptop, along with a lot of other anime-related games, such as Eternal Fighter Zero (Look out for a post about this
one in the near future) and the English translation of the Kanon visual novel. The game is made by a bloke called French-Bread (the guy responsible for Ragnarok Battle Offline) and it basically pits 8 different characters from various sources (these include anime, dating sims and the mascot from some Japanese electricity company) against each other in crazy three-round battles. What is funny is the graphics, the characters looked screwed up and French-Bread succeeds in making some of the most innocent, cute looking anime characters look like raving lunatics. Akiko Minase's transformation is especially funny, with her evil looking face and oven gloves of face-mashing doom. The sisters from To Heart is really well done as well, with the more able Ayaka doing all the fighting whilst she carries the silent Serika on her back who takes care of all the spells and special moves.

Most of the fighting involves punches, but the special moves are always fun as they usually involve cool things happening, for example, the character Seika Mori from Gunparade March has a huge mecha hand come down and crush the opponent, while Dejiko from Di Gi Charat has one of her many moé friends come flying at you from the sky.
The maps are cool, my favourite being the ones from Kanon. A cool feature is when you don't K.O. the opponent or vice versa in a specific amount of time, characters from the different related animes etc come and vote for the person who should win the round.
The background music is fun and catchy too! When I downloaded the game originally it came with all the songs in mp3 so I have them on my iTunes and I listen to them now and then, my favourite track being 'Dunk!'.

If you want to download this game and check it out, check out the mediafire links below. I haven't checked if they are 'virus-free' yet, but if you do get a virus, please don't be angry at us!

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