That's Life: Teachers

Bit of a serious topic now... but one everybody can relate to... well unless you skipped most of school and sixth-form and are now on the 'Jeremy Kyle Show' trying to 'step up to da mark to be a FAAATTHHHEERRRR' and proving you didn't shag your girlfriend's mum on national television, then this might not be for you… *ahem*. Teachers… tutors… lecturers… whether you hate/hated them with a burning passion, there's no denying that everyone had at least one that they always sort of thought was allright… and maybe a bit inspirational too… maybe?

I was a bit of a drifter through school…I mainly got on all right with teachers, did most of the work, had friends, came out with a decent-ish set of results same old, same old just as most others did… While some didn't get on with teachers, and made it their reason for turning up, to piss them off, and get some laughs, it probably didn't really help in the long run. I remember that pissing off the odd dick-head teacher was magic at the time, but that sort of stuff stays at secondary school.

Getting on with teachers and lecturers, really does help when at sixth-form or at university. As the formalities gradually break down, where you aren't limited to referring to teachers directly as 'Miss', 'Ma'am' or 'Sir', there's generally more of a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and a bit more of a chilled outlook when it comes to homework and assignments... coursework's always a bit of a dodgy area though... if you're going to miss the internal deadline, make sure you sound as if you actually give a shit about the subject, and that your teacher doesn't absolutely hate you...

I almost got chucked off A-Level English Literature back at sixth-form, because I tried to hand in my coursework about four days late. My teacher reluctantly accepted my essay and let me stay on the course because she said that she could see I actually cared about the subject, but that I'd be docked marks on my coursework because it was late... that was one massive relief at the time... I came out with an all right grade at AS, and then at the subject conference for the second year of the course, she just started chatting to me asking how I am, as if nothing happened, and as if I wasn't put through any stress at all... bitch.

But, when at sixth-form, as long as you do the work, and present yourself as relatively intelligent during lessons, and contribute a bit, you'll be fine and have a laugh with your teachers. More of the pressure's on you to do the work, as you technically don't have to be there, as you legally only have to be in full-time education until the end of secondary school. So, while the pressure's on for work, the pressure's off when chatting to teachers and asking them for help. They're also generally right laughs. Subjects such as Brazilian prostitutes, embarrassing childhood memories, being charged with 'Being Drunk in Charge of a Bicycle', and somebody's suggestions during class being 'OOooOooOOOoh PURE SEX', have all come up.

I've always found it to be that the teachers that were passionate about their subject and proud to teach it, were always the best ones and the most inspirational… even if they were fucking mental and could be right dicks at coursework deadline time, as a result. For example, what got me through English GCSE was the pushiness and bitchiness of my teacher to get everyone's coursework in on time… I absolutely hated this woman at times, because she was so pushy. But, when work started being handed in, with good grades being handed back, she calmed down, stopped ranting about how 'YOU'RE TOP SET, THE SCHOOL WILL BE EXPECTING THE BEST GRADES FROM YOU ALLIDHG8RHGIODH844HER5I3EFDB", and she actually became quite warm, helpful and funny. If you ever had any trouble with any of the work she'd gladly help you (as long as it wasn't lunchtime when she the most pissed off), and she was a bit more chilled in some lessons, where we'd do the work but we could have a laugh along the way, and everyone would be in on little in-jokes… yeah top set banter… that shit was cool B)…
But, when I began to see the two extreme sides of teachers, it showed that they're really passionate about the subjects that they teach, and that they get furious with people, because they want to see students do well. A teacher who can have a joke at times, ensures that they make the subject memorable and a bit fun, but also makes sure that they prepare students well for exams and ensures students do the work to a good standard, is someone to be admired. I've found that gradually going through the inevitable journey of school and for me, sixth form and now university, it's always been something that I admire too.I've had some top teachers in the past who've been inspirational, funny, but always made their subject really interesting to learn and talk about in class. English and music are the two subjects I've found I've liked my teachers in.

Who are/were your faves? What do/did you like about them, that helps/helped studying their subject, less shit? And, maybe least importantly, but still worth the mention, are/were they fit?

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