Let Us Console You: Gizmondo


With fewer than 25,000 units sold, the Gizmondo is the worst selling handheld games console in history.

When the console was released in America, you could either pay $400 for an advert free system, or $229 for a less expensive system that did play adverts.

One of the main reasons why the Gizmondo failed was that, the president of the company, Stefan Eriksson was a bit of a tear away. He bullied investors for money, threw a year long party, spent a shit tonne of cash, and bifurcated Ferrari Enzos in southern California before getting arrested for Swedish mob ties then going bankrupt a year later.

Only eight of the 14 planned games were ever released. All eight however were pretty fun to play and had great graphics (they were similar to PSP graphics) and handling. There was even a game called "Sticky Ballz". Pahaha.
The Gizmondo was way ahead of its time, apart from good games, it had a touch screen, a GPS system, a built in camera, as well as MP3 and Movie playback. Gee, It even had text messaging.
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An image of the Gizmondo menu system, copied straight from wikipedia.

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