The Kids Just Love To Dance... and Plagarise Stuff.

Remember the scurge a few years back of the dreaded scene kid? Nah we don't really either. But somewhere hidden away, are those repressed memories of their choppy badger hair, their obsession with dinosaurs that said "rawr" and the vocoded squelchy garbage that they liked to call music. Recently I was so bored that I went to look back on this unbearable and slowly dying fad. Some of the forerunners are still knocking around. But most of them have moved onto attempting (and failing) to be rappers. BrokeNCYDE are still shitting out music that everyone hates, as well as Blood On The Dance Floor, whose feminine sounding voices frankly annoy everyone. (Shit, I feel like I'm promoting these fools right now.) Dot Dot Curve, meanwhile realised his music was absolute horse testicles and is now trying to escape from his branch of the scene kid label. But just when you were about to breathe a sigh of relief, we bring you bad news. The scene trend is not going to die out too soon, well it might do, before being immediately dug up from its grave again and renamed something just as tedious, such as "RAVECORE" or "SCENECORE" or "NU-SCENE" or even "xFUCKxCOREx". (Watch out for those. You know how many blogs naive teenagers read. They might even get ideas. But you'll be there to back up your trusty friends at Alt:Mag and tell them we invented the name of their new trend now, won't you? Yes you will.)

Anyway. Let's get to the point. I came here today to bring you the results of my findings. No I haven't found a new love for scene music. I realised something I never realised before. As if scene music wasn't unoriginal enough, it seems that the artists of the genre loved to steal names and make them their own.

Let me explain what I mean to you. There is a guy who goes under the name "Dropping A Popped Locket". No we can't explain what that slang means, cause frankly we have no clue. But any kid could be searching for a band like Bring Me The Horizon on iTunes to find another song called
Bring Me The Horizon by this Popping Locket bloke. Shameless self promotion. Because his music is so shit and no one would promote him, he has to come up with crafty ways to catch kids off guard. Maybe the kids would even be dumb enough to think the song and its album (with its terrible cover art) is somehow related to the band Bring Me The Horizon itself. This wasn't done by one person either, it was done by several artists within the genre many times.

Here's a list of some of these that I put together for you.

Scene kid
What they borrowed
The lender
J Bigga
Brokencyde (album title)
Brokencyde (band)
J Bigga
Breathe Carolina (song title)
Breathe Carolina (band)
- also ripped off the tune of the song "Hello Seattle" by Owl City
J Bigga
30H!3 (song title)
30H!3 (band)
J Bigga
Blood On the Dance Floor (song title)
Blood On the Dance Floor (band)
J Bigga
Owl City (album title)
Owl City (band)
Dropping A Popped Locket
I Set My Friend On Fire (album title)
I Set My Friend On Fire (band)
Dropping A Popped Locket
Bring Me The Horizon (song title)
Bring Me The Horizon (band)
Dropping A Popped Locket
Mindless Self Indulgence (album title)
Mindless Self Indulgence (band)
Dropping A Popped Locket
Attack Attack! (album title)
Attack Attack! (band)
Slick Ross
Slick Ross (artist name) – (how incredibly ludicrous...)
Rick Ross (rapper)
Scene Kidz
A Rocket To The Heart (song title)
A Rocket To The Moon (band)
- also shamelessly ripped off the tune of the song "Baby We’re Invincible" by the same band.
Dot Dot Curve
A Rocket Ship To The Moon (song title)
A Rocket To The Moon (band)

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