Bizarre Foods: The 'Goth' Burger

Now, I am a lover of food (I also run a vegetarian food review blog called Guilt Free Veggie) and I am pretty open to trying anything (providing it is vegetarian) and because of this I am often envious of all of the amazing foods that are on offer all over the world, so I thought, why not live vicariously and give my opinion on some of the stranger and more peculiar food and drink products on offer! I think as Halloween has just passed it is only fitting to start off with the 'Goth' Burger of Japan!

This burger was introduced only a month ago to Burger King's menu, but only in Japan (where else would this be a viable idea?). When I first heard of the 'Goth' Burger (also known as the 'kuro' burger) I was intrigued to say the very least, because what exactly makes a burger gothic? Was the animal sacrificed as some sort of pagan ritual or were the vegetables grown in darkness somehow? But alas it is nothing quite that bizarre, instead the most important and constituent parts of it are coloured black, from the bun to the burger itself.

I personally find the black colour a bit off putting, especially considering it is all from food colourings, which makes me worry if this would leave your mouth stained black? Certainly wouldn't make a great impression if you were going to an interview after or something like that!
Even the cheese and sauce on the burger is black which looks a tad odd but I suppose they carry through with the theme of 'Goth' quite well, I personally would have kept the sauce red just so it would stand out against the blackness of the rest of the burger but then again that may have put people off because it would perhaps look too much like blood...

Anyway, what do you think? Would you buy a 'Goth' Burger or would you rather just stick with the classic burger? Let us know in the comments section below, or via our Twitter or Facebook page.

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