Child's Play: A Retrospective


Disclaimer: This review may contain spoilers. I've also included as little pictures as possible, as I know some people find Chucky incredibly creepy, so watch the trailers below to each film at your own risk.

A week or so ago, I watched all of the films in the Child's Play series. I watched the first film on Wednesday evening (and as a result, had trouble sleeping), followed by the second and third film on Saturday, then Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky on Sunday. If you have never heard of the Child's Play series (I reckon most people have probably heard of it, or are at least familiar with the series' antagonist) it is a horror series focused around a murderer who gets his soul stuck in a 'Good-Guy' doll, a doll that happens to be all the rage amongst kids. A kid called Andy (no, not Toy Story's Andy!) then receives this doll for his birthday and murders ensue. Before long, it becomes obvious that the doll, 'Chucky' is responsible and the series follows on from here, and all films involve Chucky attempting to become human again.

Child's Play
Something that I saw written on the cover of one particular release of the DVD was 'the original, the scariest, the best' and damn right it is. Child's Play is a fantastic film, and still remains a refreshing horror film to this day. Not only is the film so brilliantly crafted when it comes to jump scares and tricking you into a false sense of security on multiple occasions but it also carries a sense of humour, a rather dark and menacing one, but still, this is something not found in most horror movies. For about half of the film it is heavily implied that Chucky is up to something, with a lot of first person murder scenes, but he doesn't come out of his character as an innocent child's toy with only 3 catch phrases. Then half way through the film, Andy's mother tries to burn Chucky and suddenly he pipes up, shouting and swearing. Before hand you thought that you'd see him eventually, but not as vicious and animated as that! Chucky of course; is the source of this humour, swearing and making puns left right and centre, and he continues to do this throughout the franchise.

Child's Play 2
I would consider this one as equal to the first in regards to how good it is, however the first one wins by an inch just on the fact that it is 'the origin story', if you will. This one is straight into the Chucky action, whilst the first one took a while for him to come out of his disguise as an innocent child's toy. This film takes place two years after the first and follows Andy as he is placed in foster care. Apart from Chucky coming back for a second attempt at becoming human again, this film isn't all violence, as it actually delves into deeper topics such as the importance of family and how you need to rely on yourself sometimes before others. Also, the end face off with Chucky is absolutely awesome!

Child's Play 3
I think the series should have ended on the second film and not gone any further. That would've been a nice ending and it would have made me happy. Despite this, Child's Play 3 isn't as bad as everyone says it is. I thought it was alright, just nowhere near as memorable as the first two films. Probably the most memorable thing about the film is that a kid is seen playing an Atari Lynx at some points. You know you're a nerd when something like that is the most memorable part of a film focused around a creepy killer doll. Anyway, this one takes place in a military school, where a grown up Andy goes and the moral to this story is, don't let Chucky near explosives and lethal firearms.

Bride of Chucky
An interesting concept, and rather amusing at times, but this one just doesn't feel right to me. It also felt like a massive cash-in, but then again there wouldn't have been a Child's Play 2 if no one wanted to cash-in on the success of the first film. Chucky's new appearance looks awesome and really menacing and the character of Tiffany is great too. The two doll's relationship in the film is rather funny, but at some points it does get a bit over the top (if you watch the film, you'll probably realise what I am referring to). But then again what can you expect from a horror-comedy? Then you remember that this is the first film without main protagonist Andy and instead we get 'Jesse' and 'Jade', an irritating couple who just can't seem to get their relationship straight. That's where this horror-comedy road trip veers off, my friends. I felt from here onwards, Chucky became much less menacing.

Seed of Chucky
The worst film in the franchise, hands down. Rather than being a horror film, this one feels more like a straight up comedy... with blood. If this film didn't exist it wouldn't be a problem, because really it is about nothing. When a film has rapper Redman and Hannah from S Club 7 in it, I really can't take it seriously. I also can't stand the voice and character of Glen/Glenda, who is Chucky and Tiffany's son/daughter... thing, he/she reminds me more of the rabbit from Hop than the child of two murderous dolls. In fact the whole storyline involving actress Jennifer Tilly playing herself and the child of Chucky and Tiffany is absolutely ludicrous and really leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Avoid this one if you can.

Anyhow, that's all for my Child's Play retrospective. I'm all horror movie'd out now. I'm going to go relax and listen to death metal. Have a good'un.

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