Song of the Week: Green Day - 'Stray Heart'

So usually I put up Song Of The Week or YouTube Video Of The Week up on Sunday (although now I have more time, I think I am going to start putting both up every week just like I used to, rather than alternating between them every week) but I will be busy this weekend, so I will put this song up today instead and there may be a YouTube Video Of The Week up on Sunday.

The reason why I am busy this weekend is because (wait for it) I'm going to see Green Day at the Emirates Stadium (oh no he didn't...) on Saturday. Yes, the same gig that I slagged off in a previous post because of how expensive tickets were. I managed to get some tickets for my birthday in the end, so it all worked out well, and just because I am going now, doesn't mean I've let you off the hook Green Day (grr).

Anyway, that aside, here is a catchy song from ¡Dos!, 'Stray Heart'. It has a weird yet amusing video too. It kind of reminds me of the music video for the song 'Broken Heart' by Motion City Soundtrack.

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