Dead Space 2 (Game Review)

Our hero's second encounter with the Necromorph infestation is aboard the Sprawl Station surrounding a shard of what remains of Titan, one of Saturn's moons. Now with a searing headache of hallucinations, loss of memory and remembering only his nightmares, Issac must return and confront his fears in Dead Space 2! The developers, Visceral Games, bring back the same terror of the first game to this monster of a sequel. Issac had better get ready for another mess to sort out along with his dementia problem and the fact he is dying slowly due to an unknown reason that has been kept from him for 3 years.

In Dead Space 2, a new chilling travel route has been added. Issac can now crawl his way through air vents, an experience made so spine-tingling due to being able to hear Necromorphs trying to reach you constantly! Surely the torture they have already suffered through at the hands of Issac in the first Dead Space game is enough from them to learn that they really just need to piss off! But luckily they can't get to you, but at the same time, you can only crawl. This means there is no point turning back and it is simply useless to pull out a weapon, just make your way through the air vent quickly! You never know what could happen.
In the first Dead Space game, Issac was able to jump from wall to wall in zero gravity. This is one of the moments were Dead Space 2 really shines, as I sometimes really believe I am playing a real space engineer due to how his suit now has tiny rocket packs that allow him to float gently through zero gravity areas. 

In the beginning I had to rely on Kinesis to pick up poles then harpoon them at the Necromorphs since I didn't have a single weapon on me. I quite liked the way you started off without weapons since it gave me the challenge of having to utilise other things as a means of defence in tight situations. This definitely added a heightened sense of tension (though it would have been easier if they had given Issac a weapon already ha ha). 
Sometimes you have to Hotwire things by rotating the L stick to find the blue slices in a pie chart and then press A. This came with a small time limit which further adds pressure on the player especially me since it was too annoying.

The song 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' by Nancy Sinatra is probably the best way to explain how fun it is stomping on the corpses of the ugly necromorphs so that achievements can be achieved, only this time compared to the achievements in the previous game stomping can be done more quicker by repeatedly tapping the RB button, although the mess you leave behind will leave the cleaners busy for weeks. 
The necromorphs sometimes like to play dead so it is wise to shoot or stomp on everything in sight. 
The developers have added in a lot of quick response challenges meaning there are plenty of surprises to catch you off guard, and a new gaming style to learn. An example of this is when the lights suddenly go out and all you have is your gun and your helmet light (like Slenderman except no gun).
Hull breaches are tough and the only way I can close the window is by shooting the switch so I don't get sucked out (the same can't be said for the necros in the area). This heart-pounding game mechanic always gets me pumped up since their are less than 3 seconds for the player to shut the window otherwise Issac gets sucked into the vacuum of space.
One thing I am incredibly pleased about that was definitely a downside of the first game is that the developers got rid of the awful 3D map (like in the Metroid Prime games) and have replaced it with the ribbon ability in the previous game, only now you can swap between Objective, Store, Save and Bench for Issac's ribbon to change course. This feature is way better in my opinion and doesn't spin my head round with that map.

The most thrilling and most action packed part of the game is during Chapter 5 when encountering The Tormenter. This cutscene involves shooting The Tormenter's arm as fast as possible and before you know it, the bloody EarthGov gunship that's been chasing you for a while blows the window open and sucks you and The Tormenter into space and as you are being gripped in the thing's arm on the gunship you must aim for the explosive canisters quickly to send the fucker packing. I failed at first and he hacked me to pieces and all I saw was Issac's arm floating in space (it looked a lot like the cover for the first Dead Space game). Also in Chapter 9, after re-aligning some satellites out in space you have to eject from the tower back into the station (the sequence was actually like loading a bullet into a sniper) and before you know you are flying through space (to infinity and beyond!) while moving away from debris, zooming at 100mph, which proves to be a very thrilling ride. Shame it doesn't happen more often in the game.  
Déjà vu is definitely relevant here. In Chapter 10, you find yourself looking upon a familiar sight - The USG Ishimura from the first Dead Space game. You actually have to venture back into that hell hole! Not the best memory lane to happily skip through.

The thing that made me really pleased about the sequel was Issac getting a major upgrade near the end of the game, after finding the schematic in Chapter 11 you get the suit that makes him look more badass and ready to take on the ending.
Dead Space 2 sure has a lot more added in regards to the story and the ending was a massive turn out. I definitely recommend this game to fans of the first game. Now on to Dead Space 3 guys!

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