Assassin's Creed III (Game Review)

The blade-piercing, smash hit franchise is back! Prepare yourselves for Assassin's Creed III!

This time you don't jump straight into the assassin's shoes but instead you have a back story to explore through Connor's history. In the beginning you play as Haytham Kenway, a British character who is onboard his Jolly Rodger ship on his way to Boston, USA for answers. After rescuing some Tomahawk slaves, he encounters a chick called Ziio who takes him to the Indian temple he has been searching for to use his medallion to enter but it won't let him in, so as a bonus him and Ziio engage in 'coitus', thus creating Connor Kenway, half Tomahawk, half British Assassin ready to begin his quest for revolution and justice for his tribe and the colonies. The big surprise for everyone to see is that Haytham is revealed to be a Templar (Dun Dun Dunn!) and that all this time you have been playing as the bad guy! So after Desmond comes to terms with this, he bucks up gets back in the Animus to use Connor and starts to fight the British 'Red Coats' and begins to try and thwart the assassination of George Washington. It's an interesting move from the developers to spread out the story over so many years and add such a back story.

In Assassin's Creed III, hunting is one of my favourite things to do, since you learn how to blend in, be patient and lay traps to catch prey so you can then skin 'em (kind of like Red Dead Redemption). Also, the developers have improved the combat of Assassin's Creed by a landslide. Now, when doing combat, you press the B button to block then choose between pressing the A button to disarm our enemies or the X button to go in for the kill. In my honest opinion this has helped simplify the combat a whole lot and made it a whole lot easier as a result. It is awesome to experience hunting in the game, since in reality I doubt I would hunt or kill an animal really... I ain't a badass like Liam Neeson in The Grey!

Other elements of the gameplay have been improved a whole lot. The free-running is more agile and accurate since the slightest turn on the analog stick now affects the actual direction, plus you can now swing and climb trees which is a nice change from running around endlessly. Evasion is harder since hiding spots aren't pin-pointed on the HUD anymore so you need to use a keen eye to find an escape, but usually I just stand my ground and fight due to it being hard to find a hiding spot. Muskets and Rifles have been introduced now which are fun but they are bloody annoying when it comes to reloading since they take longer because it is all based on real-life timing which can prove to be a pain when you're in a hurry... although using rifles as a melee weapon can be just as effective. A new and very helpful defensive technique has been added, you can use human shields when the Red are about to open fire on your ass. All you do is grab the nearest body, protect yourself and then while they're reloading, go in for the kill asap.

There is a lot to do in the game like rescuing and helping people in distress and asking them to come to The Homestead so they can live peacefully with you. Soon, by helping them with quests they will develop materials/resources for you to trade and sell. You learn how to trade and sell your resources but I find it complicated and I feel it's something that shouldn't have really been added to the game. Sure, it gets you money, but then again so does assassinating, looting, completing missions and trading your killed animals. But maybe you will understand it better than I do.

In honesty, I still haven't finished Assassin's Creed III since when it comes to free-roaming games I prefer to do side quests and find treasures first before going to fight the final boss and experiencing the ending. I am more than three quarters of the way through but I hope the ending isn't as bad as all my friends have said it is, but my time will come soon! I definitely recommend this to anybody who is into games of this genre, but then again this is a big franchise so you probably know about it already if you like games of this type. Check it out!

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