April Update - Listmania!

Hello everybody, I am delighted to tell you that the page order for issue 1 has been decided and I can confirm that the first issue will have at least 30 pages. That isn't much compared to the big name magazines you find in WHSmith, but it is perfect for a first issue. Also, the magazines in WHSmith have big teams working on them, and we are a pretty small team!

This is what the cover looks like (may be subject to change, but we are all pretty happy with it):

Some cool things you can expect to see:
  • Nifty guides on how to do cool stuff with your consoles without modding them, it will probably be the Dreamcast this issue.
  • Do those Alien Egg toys from back in the day really make babies?
  • Some nice rants about social networks and how they can be incredibly annoying.
  • Spotify playlists for every occasion!
  • Do video games really encourage violent behaviour?
  • Odd Future get a two page spread.
  • The notorious Philips CD-i and it's awful Nintendo abominations.
  • The best and worst Pokémon hacks, with an interview from Pokémon Brown and Prism hacker, Koolboyman.
  • It's been years since the release of Silent Hill 3, but is it still scary?
  • The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzimiya gets a look-in.
  • YouTube Channels you need to check out.
  • All the best manga, games, movies, anime, books (etc, etc) this month.
  • MCM Expo coverage!
  • Some depressing stuff about the real world.
  • A contribution from Haydn.
  • A contribution from a decent internet troll (no, it's not Haydn).
  • How Alt:Mag has progressed, right back to the start.
  • Some emotional speech from me about how we finally got this damn magazine finished!

Plus More!

Anyway, some of the team are going to meet up this Tuesday to work towards finishing issue 1.

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