Music Spotlight: fun.

I remember being in love with a little band called The Format. Their synth-driven indie rock music was catchy and optimistic, and had a fairly dedicated following. Unfortunately they broke up in 2008, which was pretty suck. I also remember liking two songs by another band called NeverGonnaScore who were frankly, so underground, that you could only find their music on the internet if you went to the sixth page on a Google search, however, the internet has progressed slightly since then, so now you can find them pretty easily on Grooveshark
I only realised until recently that The Format and NeverGonnaScore both shared the same vocalist, a very talented fellow called Nate Ruess. Basically NeverGonnaScore was his band from back when he was in High School or something, around the time lots of punk bands were emerging who started out by playing music in their friend's garages (blink-182, New Found Glory... you know those guys).

This is where we come to the present day, where Nate Ruess is in a band named fun. and they have achieved chart success, mainly due to their song 'We Are Young' being featured during the Super Bowl or something American of the sort that I don't really understand. The song became the first number one single for the band, and also the first number one single in the history of the band's label Fueled By Ramen.

It is pretty cool to see how far an artist like Nate has come whose music was completely overlooked, to getting in the charts... I'm extremely glad he has been recognised for his talents finally. He has a great voice and is a great lyricist. Check out the song below, when I first heard this, I was thinking "holy shit Nate, you have surpassed yourself yet again!"

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