Punk Songs: It's A Punk Rock Christmas

I kind of enjoyed putting together the last Punk Songs post that I did. I also noticed that it is December and the blog is completely sparse of anything to do with Christmas. Well except for the cool little Christmas banner I put together. You'll find that at the top of the page though. Look Kaname is wearing a Santa hat! Cool, huh? Anyway, I decided, because it is Christmas, to put together a nice list of just a few of my favourite punk Christmas songs. Okay music Scrooges, they are not all completely true to the original punk formula, but this is my post so go 'Bah, Humbug' somewhere else!

1. Patent Pending - She's A Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas:
That song title... I see what they did there. I remember when this song was released back in 2007 and I bought it from iTunes with some Christmas money I had and ever since it has been my favourite Christmas song that I pick up again and again every year. The lyrics are creative and funny, and the song itself it really catchy and makes you feel good! You've also got to love that silly rap spoof at the end. Pure genius, good job lads.

2. Jimmy Eat World - Last Christmas:
Trust a band as incredible as Jimmy Eat World to cover a Christmas classic and actually make it sound even better than the original. Why do I think that it sounds better than the original by Wham? The instrumentation has that magical Christmas feel and Jim Atkins vocal has that melancholy winter feel to it. Take a listen and you will see what I mean.

3. From First To Last - X12 Days of XXXMASX
This song is just plain funny. Give it a listen and you'll see what I mean.

4. Unwritten Law featuring Sum 41 - Unwritten Christmas
Rather than being a light-hearted jokey Christmas song or a cover of another Christmas song, 'Unwritten Christmas', which featured on the soundtrack to the poorly received sequel of 'The Santa Clause' and one of the KROQ Kevin & Bean Christmas compilations, is much more sensitive. The lead singer of Unwritten Law, Scott Russo sings about his memories of Christmas from when he was a kid and how much Christmas means to him. A very nice nostalgia song indeed. Then as if it couldn't get any better, another great band, Sum 41 come in with one of their little raps, rather reminiscent of 'What We're All About'. Lead by Stevo32 and Deryck, they rap about how 'Santa knows Karate' and on Christmas morning they woke up and 'saw Unwritten Law and Sum 41 rockin' raw'. Classic.

I couldn't be bothered to write about all of my favourites because it is my Birthday and I need to rest from Alt:Mag for a bit because I'm such a hard worker...

Also Check Out:
  • 'I Won't Be Home For Christmas' by blink-182
  • 'Yule Shoot Your Eye Out' by Fall Out Boy
  • 'Santa's Got A Mullet' by Nerf Herder
  • 'Forget December' by Something Corporate
  • 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' by Sugarcult
  • 'Father Christmas' by Bowling For Soup
  • 'Holly Jolly Christmas' by The Format
  • 'The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year' by InMemory
  • 'Icicles' by Punchline
  • 'I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus' by Stand Still

Anyway, I'm off to go get myself some Egg Nog. I hate Egg Nog, but I thought that would sounds Christmas-y... so there you have it.

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