Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color Of Lovers (The Verdict)

A month or two ago, I made a post about Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color Of Lovers (see here), an anime that had just started airing in Japan at the time. I explained that it was an anime adaptation of a hentai game and that the anime could either go one of two ways. Well... or not well.

So I've watched all 12 episodes of Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color Of Lovers, and I've made up my mind. Alright, cue the Slayer 'Reign In Blood' album, because this is the official Alt:Mag verdict, and it is not a jolly one.

This anime is about as enjoyable as using the blogger interface on Internet Explorer, and it is almost as fucking painful as being locked in a room for the rest of eternity with only the Phillips CD-i and a copy of Zelda: The Wand Of Gamelon to keep you entertained. Okay, maybe this anime isn't that bad, but my feelings for this anime are not far off, because this anime is tedious as fuck. Why is it so tedious? Let me explain. In many romance animes, there are those little awkward bits where the two characters get all shy around each other. But Mashiroiro Symphony somehow manages to take these almost typical (but still lovely, nonetheless) happenings and make them so unbearable to watch it is unbelievable. I just can't put my finger on it. You just want to scream at something because Mashiroiro Symphony makes everything seem so tedious. A lot of the emotion is extremely over exaggerated as well.

How is this supposed to show embarrassment?
It looks more like she has a fever.
...And the plot? Well, there more or less isn't one. Okay, there was one in the first 4 episodes and that one seemed promising. Then suddenly it fucks off somewhere, only to be replaced by something that... I can't even describe in words how boring it is. The anime was supposed to be about a school merger between a mixed school and an all-girls school and the problems for the students it caused and how they came together eventually and started to get along with one another. But then when everything blows over, suddenly the anime is about some little club where they take care of injured animals. It is nice that they take care of these poor animals and all, but at least don't make the previous part of the plot seem like it was totally worthless! Okay they bring it back for like, five seconds at the end, but my point still stands firm.

Sure, I like an anime plot to be spontaneous and mess with your head a bit. Take School Days for example, that one was a complete head fuck if I ever knew one. But Mashiroiro Symphony? Oh dear god. You start out thinking that the main boy (Shingo) is going to end up with the girl who dominates the plot at the start (Airi). Why? Because it just seems totally obvious! Most conventional romance stories do this. They pair the two characters who are destined to be together up at the very start, so you know a little bit about what to expect. Okay, that is a little boring, maybe, but at least it makes for a good story. Mashiroiro Symphony just takes a massive dump on it's head when Shingo more or less forgets about Airi, the girl he was destined to get with at the end and starts perving up some random girl who you thought was actually just a secondary character. Suddenly Airi ends up becoming a secondary character and is replaced by this random girl called Miu as the primary character, and Miu is totally brain dead and vapid in comparison.


There are also small irrelevant plot twists like you find out the headmistress of the school is actually Airi's mother... but by that time you can't even remember what the headmistress looks like and who Airi is, because you will have probably lost all interest in both characters. This is because the headmistress' character design is so unimaginative and the writers find a way to render Airi's purpose in the plot irrelevant after she is not needed any more.

SPOILER ALERT! Who cares, this anime has no plot anyway.

Talking about characters, there is one character that annoys me with no end. Angie the maid, or as I prefer to call her 'The Moé Thing'. She is everything ludicrous about Moé thrown into one insufferable character. But you have to feel sorry for her really, because she is so determined to be a maid it was like she was brain washed to think this way. What has she been doing all her life that has made her think like this? Has she been attending some kind of Hitler Youth for maids? Oh well, who knows what the creators of this anime were thinking. She is a fairly good comic relief character though, so she escapes the wrath of Alt:Mag just for now.

Moé Thing in action.

But the most annoying thing about this anime? I shudder just thinking about how annoying it is. But I guess I will have to mention it eventually, so... prepare yourself for:

You are looking at the very image of Satan himself.

This STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. This thing is definitely the number one on the list of things I despise about this anime. This thing, called 'Pannya-Chan', isn't even a real animal. It's just a stupid blob with cat-like features. And it makes the most irritating noises I have ever heard. It's like listening to BrokeNCYDE on repeat until your ears bleed. The voice acting for this Pseudo-animal abomination is horrible, its voice just sounds like a girl doing a bad Pikachu impression. It's voice is almost as annoying as the voice of Ryo-Ohki the Cabbit from Tenchi Universe, but that little thing is from one of my favourite childhood animes so I'll forgive it. I mean, I wouldn't mind it too much if Pannya-Chan just bounced around and kept it's mouth shut, fuck, I might even go as far to say the thing is quite cute. But it's indecipherable babble is just plain irritating and this alone makes me hate it with a passion.

Does this anime have any redeeming factors though? Yes, the artwork is really well drawn, bright and very colourful. The ending was a fairly good round up to the series, but still fairly empty. But that is about it. So, in conclusion...

This anime isn't terrible. It's just not great either. If you are looking for an impressive storyline that is worth your while, I suggest to steer clear of Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color Of Lovers, but if you are some kind of anime perfectionist who likes to see all the new animes or whatever, you may want to watch this.

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