Welcome To The Official Alt:Mag Website

Attention, this is your captain speaking. No it's not actually. It's just me, Lewis Cox the douche bag editor of Alt:Mag (aka Alternative Magazine). This website is where me (and hopefully) the rest of our team will be posting updates on the progress of the magazine and maybe some fun extra stuff if you are lucky. We are currently in the middle of creating issue 1 and we are making fair progress and in fact a few people we know are eager to see it.

The concept of the magazine is that it is aimed at teenage guys/young adults but it is a magazine that dodges the typical "lad's mag" stereotype of CARS, FOOTBALL, KEBABS, GIRLS. Okay there will be appreciation of the females, but you get the idea.

Some other things you should know:

  • In our magazine we make sure to avoid bias in our reviews, I mean, fuck, we're not Kerrang! magazine. But we do promise to have a moan in some of the articles though, so don't worry, Victor Meldrew.
  • We promise to always talk about nostalgia and retro things.
  • We always try our hardest to make our articles new and interesting.

Insert random picture of Wild Dog
from Time Crisis for maximum nostalgia.

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