Updates and SkiFree

Welcome back, people. Here's another update. The weather is rainy and so the team is currently not doing anything, however we still have some stuff in the pot. We all watched "the best worst film ever" Troll2 and are going to write an article about how appalling it is.

When I was younger, my dad bought a Windows 95 computer and when you pressed start and went to games, amongst the generic games such as solitaire and minesweeper you would find this little game.
SkiFree was crap but at the same time it was good. You controlled a little 16-bit guy as he skied down a snowy hill, getting air on rainbow coloured ramps while dodging objects such as trees and rocks. But after a while of skiing you would encounter some yeti who would put an end to all your fun. What a knob head. Apparently there was a way to get around him, but at my young age I wasn't clever enough to figure it out. It is definitely a game that I will always remember though. A cool dude made a flash version of it that you can play. Check it out here.

I could never beat this motherfucker.

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