Toradora! and other things.

It's your favourite fascist editor, Lewis, here again to serve you up a new delicious blog post.
The other dudes look like they are preoccupied so it is my duty to make a post. It appears we have hit a brick wall in regards to new ideas for the magazine, but we are remedying this by working to complete articles we have already started previously. So fear not, fellow Alt:Mag...ers.

Anyway, I really wanted to do a new blog post and seeing as up to now there has been no posts about anime or manga, I thought that it would be a fair idea to do one.


Toradora! (meaning Tiger and Dragon or something) is an anime from back in 2008 that finished airing in 2009. And it still remains fairly popular in 2011, though obviously not as popular as the giants of anime, Naruto or Bleach, but still quite popular within it's genre, which is comedy-romance. The art style is colourful and cutesy, in fact, so colourful and cutesy that a certain congregation of users on Youtube may find a picture like the one above incredibly suitable to be copied and pasted into a video, accompanied with a musical touch from Styles & Breeze, most likely sped up (as if Styles & Breeze needed speeding up in the first place) and titled "Nightcore Remix". Ahem, anyway, the storyline of Toradora! is pretty simple. Takasu Ryuuji, a guy who everyone thinks is a trouble maker, has a crush on the best friend of Aisaka Taiga, who is also thought to be a trouble maker. Coincidentally, Taiga has a crush on Ryuuji's best friend. So they help each other out and a tonne of stuff happens on the way that is either really romantic or just plain hilarious. The first few episodes are a bit slow, but when Toradora! gets into the full swing of things, even with the simple storyline, it still seems to draw you back in for more. And the story is well developed as well, and in my opinion, that is the sign of a good anime. Another good sign that it is a good anime, it it's ability for the animators to draw in some lifelike aspects. For example, when watching, I happened to notice in one scene where Taiga is crying, the animators made Taiga have one of those involuntary sniffs. Weird that I noticed that I know, but in real life when people cry, they do sniff, and often animators tend to leave out such attention to detail when they create anime, and I am a big fan of attention to detail.
Overall, Toradora! is a laugh and you should watch it. It's just a well good anime, and you don't even really need to be a big fan of romance or comedy to be easily drawn into watching this.

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