Alt:Mag's Movies to Watch Out for in 2020

We come to it at last. Earlier this month, our writers came together to discuss the things we’re looking forward to this year. First, we told you the games we’re waiting to play. Then, we showed you the TV series we’re going to tune into. Now we’re going to take you to the movies. Ben, Adam, and Harry have made time to talk about the films they’re going to see in 2020. So, grab your mates, grab your snacks, and have your tickets ready – as Christopher Lloyd said in Back to the Future, you’re gonna see some serious shit!

A Quiet Place Part II - Paramount Pictures, TBD 2020 (Picked by Ben Williams)

The brilliance of John Krasinski's A Quiet Place is still fresh in Ben's mind. The 2018 film - a horror show involving killer aliens with hypersensitive hearing - was a huge success, earning unanimous acclaim and over $340 million at the box office! Now, the Abbott family's fight for survival is set to continue. "Initial news of a sequel was met with sceptisism," says Ben, "with the first film already seeming like a complete story on its own. Thankfully, the trailers have quelled the suspicions. Part II's story is going in a sensible, yet still suspenseful, direction." After the harrowing events of the first film, Evelyn Abbott (played by Emily Blunt) leads her family out of the farmhouse and into the open. Their struggle is greater than ever, because now Evelyn has a newborn son to care for - and there are more threats in the outside world than the monsters they met on the farm. "With Emily still leading, and a whole family in tow, Part II is sure to be a heart-pounding thriller that expands the world we first saw in 2018," says Ben. "A world where you must depend on absolute silence for your survival!" A Quiet Place Part II was originally planned for release on March 20th - but unfortunately, Paramount has put it on hold thanks to the coronavirus. They haven't yet decided on a new release date, but we'll let you know when they do!

No Time to Die – Universal Pictures, April 2nd (Picked by Adam Thorley)

The life of a spy is something many have fantasised about: espionage, danger, and white-knuckle thrills wherever you go. Many film series have given us a glimpse of that dream, but one dwarfs them all: our very own Bond, James Bond! Adam’s waiting to see No Time to Die, the twenty-fifth entry in the landmark franchise, which sees Daniel Craig return as 007 for the fifth and final time. “Following the events of 2015’s Spectre,” says Adam, “Bond has settled down in Jamaica, leaving the Secret Service behind. But, his retirement is short-lived – when the world is in danger once more, Bond leaps into action to find a missing scientist. With new villain Safin (played by Rami Malek) on the rise; tension between himself and 00’ replacement Nomi (Lashana Lynch); and his lover Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) harbouring a deadly secret, Bond’s latest adventure looks set to be intense, emotional, and unmissable. Craig’s final outing as James Bond could be the best yet!” No Time to Die was set to release this April, but the coronavirus has struck once again. The good news is that Universal has a new date in mind - Craig's final mission, should you choose to accept it, will now begin on November 12th in the UK and November 25th in the States.

Dune – Warner Bros. & Legendary Pictures, December 18th (Picked by Harrison Fleming)

Until now, Harry’s had surprisingly few titles to choose from – but now that we’ve reached films, he’s in his element. “There are many films I can’t wait to see,” he says. “But the one I’m most excited for is Dune.” Frank Herbert’s bestselling novel is being brought to the screen once again, this time by visionary director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival and Blade Runner 2049). “I’ve followed the film’s production since it first began last year,” says Harry, “and it looks like Denis is finally giving Dune the cinematic treatment it deserves – he has the vision, he has the budget, and unlike David Lynch, he’s done his homework!” Denis plans to film Dune in two parts (a wise move given the book’s length), and a few lucky sand dogs got to see some of his handiwork last month. Author Brian Clement was one of them, and he thinks the film will blow us away “the way The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars did” when they first hit cinemas. It’s a good omen because the original Dune novels are often compared to Tolkien’s Middle-earth; and they inspired a great many things in the Skywalker saga. “If Denis plays his cards right,” says Harry, “the new Dune will be just as big as Star Wars – if not even bigger! Disney and Lucasfilm had better watch out.” At the time of rewriting, Dune is the only film on our list that hasn't been directly hit by the coronavirus. It may face competition if any films are rescheduled for Christmas, but the spice will flow on December 18th as planned.

Are you anxious to go out in the woods with Evy Abbott? Or perhaps, you're pumped for Daniel Craig's last mission as James Bond? Are you excited to set foot on Arrakis again? Or are there any other films you're waiting for this year? Leave a comment here on on Facebook and Twitter, and tell us what you're going to see at the cinema!

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