Call Of The Beastmen DLC: Yay Or Nay?

This past week The Creative Assembly released the first substantial DLC for the critically acclaimed Total War: Warhammer entitled Call Of The Beastmen. The DLC costs £13.99 for us UK players and has been met with mixed reception.

As a MASSIVE Warhammer fan I of course picked the DLC up as soon as it launched and having dabbled with it for about 5-6 hours total I can confirm that the content itself is very good. The Beastmen themselves are an excellent addition to the game, their mechanics, units and story driven campaign are all a hell of a lot of fun. So why the mixed reviews?

Cygors are terrifyingly huge.

One steam user by the name of Mekeji hits the nail on the head "This DLC is way overpriced for what it is..." and he would in my humble opinion be correct because as fun as it is to see a group of angry giant Minotaurs smash a unit of Dwarfs to mush, it's not quite £13 worth of mush. Sure there's a unique campaign solely for the Beastmen but even that buckled on does not appear to justify such a hefty price tag for a new race. This comes following the insane backlash that followed the whole Chaos Warriors DLC debacle, which resulted in CA (Creative Assembly henceforth named) releasing this statement on the official forums explaining the DLC policy going forward. Does any of this apply to the current situation?

After charging players to add blood and gore into the game you can imagine that many gamers were skeptical about the future of Total War following the past few years of very hit or miss DLC in terms of both value and content quality. One thing is certain though. The Beastmen are viciously satisfying to play as and a price tag shouldn't matter too much if you're a Warhammer buff like yours truly, but in the future I certainly hope that CA take heed of the fans' reaction to Call Of The Beastmen and price their next content accordingly.

The Beastmen are masters of carnage.

As I go back to burning through the Old World with renewed fury I can't help but feel a tiny pang of distrust for a game developer that I've put so much faith in in the past but also somewhere deep down I see a glimmer of hope, a hope created by the fine product that Total War: Warhammer is and the lessons they have already learned from their previous titles. Here's to war!

In short, unless you are a hardcore fan I wouldn't recommend buying this until it's on sale. The content is solid but the price point is steep.

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