Alt:Mag Is 5 Years Old Today!

On this day, 5 years ago, Alt:Mag was created. 5 years ago - that's half a decade.

Hello everyone, it's Lewis Cox, "your favourite fascist editor" here (old school Alt:Mag jokes FTW - I'm honestly not a fascist though) and I'm here to witter on about Alt:Mag because as stated above, Alt:Mag is 5 years old today! 
The magazine has faced its ups and downs but the important thing to remember is that myself and everyone involved kept on persevering so we could keep on giving you articles written from the heart. In an era of clickbait media outlets who hope and pray that using the name Donald Trump in headlines will get people to read their articles, Alt:Mag keeps it real. Our articles are real and they're written by real people, and are not the kind of crap that you would see churned out by the same robot on some other media-related website for a quick buck. 

This is something worth celebrating.

For me personally, this website has been a wonderful outlet, and I imagine it has for the other writers too. I have Attention Deficit Disorder, and people with this condition often find themselves off in another world at the slightest distraction. But when people with A.D.D. find something they love, well, it's really something quite incredible. They want to think about it during every waking moment of every day, and memorise everything there is to know about whatever it is they are interested in. For me, Alt:Mag was a release for that passion, because let's face it, my family don't want to hear me witter on about the Sega Dreamcast. But you might. I put my thoughts online for people who might care about something just as much as I do, and nearly 230,000 page views later, it seems like it paid off. The best part is that other people, regardless of whether or not they have A.D.D., found Alt:Mag to be a place to release their passions too, and that's a fantastic thing.

Thank you to everyone who ever contributed to Alt:Mag and anyone who ever read one (or many!) of our articles. It means the world to us. Also, thanks to Sam Leeves for being a wonderful co-editor.

My apologies for the thrown together post, but hopefully I will be able to get something really exciting finished to mark this joyous and triumphant occasion. Until then, thanks again and remember to keep being you.

Lewis Cox
Editor Guy

I just found an old flier for Alt:Mag. This is what the site looked like originally! @AltMag_UK

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