You Should Be Watching: RWBY (A Rooster Teeth Production)

Rewind back to 2013 and maybe you saw the four trailers for RWBY: Red, White, Black and Yellow. Maybe like me you saw the animation and you weren't impressed. Maybe you thought that compared to some of the beautiful works of animation produced by companies like Studio Ghibli or Madhouse, that this show wasn't worth watching. Maybe in your mind it went against the aesthetics and conventions of anime, because it is made by Rooster Teeth, a company based in Texas and it doesn't feature hand drawn characters or the cultural identity that we as an audience have grown to love about our favourite anime shows.

Ramen is love, Ramen is life.

There are a variety of reasons you might not have chosen to watch this show, but those of us who did have been in for a treat, because over the last three years, we’ve seen the show evolve and seen a loyal fandom rise. In fact, this fandom is so loyal that when Monty Oum (the Creator of RWBY and Red vs Blue) died, thousands sent tweets, messages and created artwork and songs dedicated to him and the RWBY series.

A hard working man, gone too soon!

However, things didn’t stop with the tragic and untimely death of Monty. Rome wasn’t built in a day and, like most good things, this series started off small but has grown exponentially. Like I said, initially the animation wasn’t the best and the background characters were just black outlines, but over the past 3 years the show has evolved, gaining notable talent such as the voices of Vic Mignogna (notable for his work in Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, Attack on Titan and Naruto Shippuden) and the famous cosplayer Jessica Nigri. It has even spawned a game that was green-lit on Steam recently.
If that isn’t enough to get you interested, then you should definitely know that the animation is much smoother and more complex now, using state of the art motion capture for the more emotional scenes. The show even features on both Crunchyroll AND Netflix due to its popularity. However, you’re not here to read about the evolution of the show and the unstoppable tide of fandoms. You’re here to find out why you should be watching this show and an important aspect of this is knowing what the show is about.

RWBY centres around four young girls (15-18), who all attend Beacon Academy where they learn to become Huntresses, in hopes of slaying the creatures of GRIMM. Being the violence loving man I am, I was initially put off, thinking that this show would just be full of fan service (like Trinity Seven), being that it seemingly had an all female school girl cast or that it would be extremely cliché. However… I was wrong.
What I found was a seemingly simple plot becomes increasinglyly intricate and foreshadows points that don’t happen until two years later. The characters also have deep and interesting backstories, which although you see a glimpse of these during the trailers, are further explained in the Manga and the later seasons. The characters are far from two-dimensional and the music and sound design for this series is superb (and that’s coming from a composer and sound designer)! Yes, as I’ve already said, the animation wasn’t the best, but the characters had a chemistry that only made you forget those things, you laughed with them, you laughed at them and you’ll even cry with them later in the series… trust me.

So who are the main characters you ask? The main four characters are; Ruby Rose, a young excitable girl with a sunny disposition, Weiss Schnee, an heiress to one of the richest companies in the world, Blake Belladonna, the troubled introvert and Yang Xiao Long, the fiery not-so red head. Now these may sound somewhat trope-ish to you, but without divulging spoilers it would be difficult to tell you about how these characters develop and about each of their pasts and how they break their tropes. Alongside the main team, there are multiple teachers and a full class, who all really give a sense of reality and life to the show, especially when interacting with each other and the villains of the show. 

So why should you not be watching RWBY when it has such fantastic music, lovable (and hateable) characters and an all round enjoyable story? You tell me in the comments below!

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