Digital Homicide Is Suing Jim Sterling For 10 Million Dollars

This week has seen a surprising new twist in the saga of Digital Homicide vs Jim Sterling. Digital Homicide being the “indie developer” notable for their games on Steam Greenlight (and said games questionable and sometimes laughable quality) and Jim Sterling being the popular Youtuber/games critic/internet man who has covered a few of their games in the past (I recommend checking out these videos to see what I'm talking about).
It emerged yesterday that DigiHom (as they will now be known because I'm awfully lazy) is attempting to sue Jim Sterling to the tune of 10 million dollars for a variety of charges including product defamation and loss of earnings. This was paired with the news that DigiHom, the studio ran by two brothers Robert and James Romine has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a lawyer and they are asking for 75 thousand dollars.


As of time of publishing this campaign has reached $200 towards its goal and there has been no news from Jim Sterlings camp regarding the impending lawsuit as he seems to be keeping it as “under wraps” as possible to avoid potentially unwanted attention. There is an internet storm brewing around this topic already with many citing the legal charges as “just another way for DigiHom to get the attention that it craves” and that “any publicity is good publicity for them”. It is unclear at the moment as to how this affects the YouTube/gaming community but it is assuredly going to drag the commonly debated issue of fair use into the limelight once again.

More will be coming in on this story as it develops but it certainly is interesting that Digital Homicide (there I said it properly at the end) is suing Mr Sterling for a speculated 2 million dollars’ worth of damages when their games, or more accurately the FEW that make it off of Greenlight are sold for around 99 cents apiece. Just how popular do they think their games are?

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