Let's Talk About: Avengers Fashion Collection

Now, being a geek can be difficult at times, especially in regards to clothing. You want to pay homage to your favourite super hero (or even villain) without looking crazy whilst walking down the street. Obviously you can't start wearing your Superman cape while you are working in the office, and you certainly can't start wearing your underwear over your regular pants! Well, I suppose you could providing you don't mind everyone giving you strange looks, but each to their own I suppose…
The problem with portraying your inner geek is that it can be even harder for women as most t-shirts are aimed at men and as a result they are too large or not cut properly to fit a female body. They are fine to wear with leggings and mooch around the house in, but not really great to go out in. I don't think men actually realise just how difficult it is for women to dress for their inner geek, especially if they want to look feminine at the same time. This is where Hot Topic comes in!

Hot Topic are an American chain they have revealed an Avengers themed clothes line aimed specifically at women! To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Her Universe and Disney Consumer Products have unveiled a fashion line inspired by the Avengers, and they are absolutely fantastic. They are subtle enough to be worn out and about without warranting any peculiar looks, they are rather fashionable and perfect to add to your summer wardrobe. The dresses are absolutely lovely and would make the perfect addition to any Marvel lover's summer wardrobe! And best of all, they are rather affordable, although shipping charges may be quite high as you have to request an international delivery. You can pre-order them here!

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