Let's Talk About: NightCry (The Spiritual Successor To Clock Tower)

Hey everybody, Happy New Year to you all! I hope you didn't get to angsty with the usual 'its just a new year, why is everyone making a big deal about it' stuff and just had a great time, whether you stayed in or went out somewhere. Either way, some great news I received early into the new year is that a new live-action teaser trailer has been released for an upcoming Clock Tower spiritual successor called NightCry (previously known as Project Scissors) that is currently in development and seems to be moving in full swing.

I had heard of something called Project Scissors before, but I thought nothing of it and quickly dismissed it when I heard about it, as another spiritual successor to Clock Tower, titled Remothered was confirmed to be in development way back in 2009, but word of its development has been in the dark since 2013 (that's not last year any more, people). It was originally a 2D game but it was then confirmed in early 2012 that it was getting a facelift into 3D. Early videos of the 2D version did genuinely look awesome, and quite twisted indeed. To be honest, its a shame they scrapped it, it reminds me a little bit of The Cat Lady and that game is cool. Check the video out below for an example (be warned however, the video contains extreme gore and is generally very creepy):

If I'd perhaps done a little bit of research I would have found out that NightCry is actually being created by Hifumi Kono, the man who created Clock Tower and worked on the first two games in the series. It was when I heard this news that my excitement levels began to increase. Then I found that Hifumi Kono is the CEO of the company behind NightCry's development, Nude Maker which is a company 'composed mostly of ex-Human Entertainment members' and my excitement levels increased even more. Human made Clock Tower, so the idea that the majority of the game's original creators are behind this spiritual successor means that the expertise and vision is already in the correct place. Another awesome thing to note is, the game's music composer is Nobuko Toda, who has worked on music for games like Metal Gear Solid and Halo. But it doesn't end there, because word is the creation of NightCry is being helped along by Masahiro Ito, the fellow who created Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill franchise! The idea of bringing a little of Silent Hill's morbid madness into something already inspired by a twisted-as-fuck game leaves me to ask, could this get any more promising?
Oh yeah, the brand new live-action teaser trailer is directed by Takashi Shimizu, director of Ju-On and The Grudge. Check it out below:

Cool, huh? What do you think of the teaser? I know for one that I am really stoked for this, but I'll hold more extreme levels of excitement until I see a gameplay trailer. Right now NightCry is planned for iOS, Android, and PS Vita. The use of portable devices with touch screen controls leads me to believe that the game might use the traditional point-and-click interface that all the Clock Tower games up to 3 had. Either way I can't wait. Fingers crossed they just don't screw it up.

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