Short Thoughts: Manhattan Love Story Gets Cancelled

So after only 4 episodes, Manhattan Love Story has been cancelled. That's sad. Really sad. It almost feels like the network didn't even give it a chance. I think they need to realise that series like this need to find their footing before they even think about cancelling them. Looking back at the start of many of our favourite series we often see that they were much weaker at the start, New Girl is an example of one of these shows. Manhattan Love Story is a romance comedy. Romance comedies do what they say on the tin, they are light hearted, don't take themselves too seriously and they make your heart race, that's their job. Networks expecting the next Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones are going to find themselves disappointed, and in turn disappoint fans of the show when they cancel it. 

It doesn't help that pompous know-it-all media critics love to pull series like this through the mud just because they are 'unoriginal'. Love is 'unoriginal' because love is an emotion that has been felt by billions of people worldwide throughout time, and sure, it is a story that has been told over and over again (Romeo and Juliet was believed to have been wrote during 1591 and 1595), but that doesn't mean that people don't want to see series like this. We watch horror to be scared, we watch thrillers to be thrilled, and we watch romance to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The sooner critics realise this the better.

'[Manhattan Love Story] was part of a wave of romantic comedies that have proliferated on the networks in recent seasons. Few of them have succeeded.'

Above is a quote from an article on the show's cancellation from The New York Times. I just wish that these types of series did have the space to blossom and succeed, let's hope for some change in the future. Anyhow, my thoughts are with the cast of Manhattan Love Story and everyone else involved with the show, who I imagine all breathed their own type of love into it to make it their own special creation. Here's to love. No love for critics though. Let's play this show out with one of the best songs ever written about love.

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