Music Spotlight: Emily Ewing - 'Merry Go Round'

Being the guy who operates the Alt:Mag Twitter account, I often get messages and follows from all kinds of exciting people. Today a singer/songwriter based in Birmingham called Emily Ewing contacted me wondering what I thought of her song, 'Merry Go Round'. I clicked on the link and was taken to the YouTube video below:

Two things came to mind when I heard the song. The first one is, 'Emily's voice is on point'. I found while listening to the song and analysing the lyrics that she expresses her emotions extremely well through her singing. I was convinced that the lyrics obviously meant quite a lot to her. The second thing that came to mind was just how professional the track came across. The production on the song, by Dave Draper, is dreamy and well-crafted, but not so overblown that it takes away from Emily's voice. While all this is going on, the music video has just the right amount of charm and subtleness to provide a fitting visual backdrop to the music that your ears hear. I spoke to Emily and asked her about the song, and this is what she had to say:

The song Merry Go Round came about as most of my songs do, out of thin air. I had the melody "here we go again like a merry go round" in my head and worked out the basic chords to it on my piano. I only know very basic piano, so I tend to go on notes that sound pretty. I completed the song but didn't think it was good enough. I then played it to Dave Draper (who produced my EP) and he said "you must record that!" So, we did and its thanks to him because it would have just ended up being another song idea recorded on my phone. The song is about a friendship I had but struggled to hold onto.

I enjoyed this song so much that I checked out Emily Ewing's self-titled EP, which is available on iTunes now. If you enjoyed what you heard with Merry Go Round, then for a bargain price of £2.49 you can grab that song as well as 4 other brilliant tracks! That is an incredibly small price to pay if you are looking for something good to listen to, and it is a major help for a mega talented up-and-coming artist! Other ways you can show support include liking her Facebook as well as following her on YouTube, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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