Haydn's Musings: Logan's Run (Movie Review)

Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers.

On Friday, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and watch the film 'Logan's Run'. I remembered it as being this really freaky film that features one of the strangest concepts ever. It's set in a post apocalyptic earth in the 23rd century, where whenever a person turns 30 they get 'terminated' in a weird carousel ritual that involves them rising up to the ceiling and eventually to their deaths. As I said, I remember it being a really strange and scary film and I thought I'd give it another shot to see whether or not my feelings have changed about it.

They definitely have, whilst the beginning scene delivers a good shock (we watch the weird carousel ritual take place, whilst strange synth sounds are heard in the background), the rest of the movie is dry in terms of a general plot line and I quickly lost interest. It's one of those films that you put on in the background whilst doing some knitting or, in my case, eating some food. I've done some research on the film and I've found out that they made it on a budget of 9 million dollars. Bare in mind that this film was made in the 70's, and you can imagine that it was one hell of a big budget back then.

Throughout the film you definitely get the sense that the producers are saying 'look at the huge budget we have', and even though I'm sure it was ground breaking for its time, it still feels really outdated and the costumes that they wear are hilarious, if I were an extra in that film watching it back today I'd feel embarrassed for myself. Some films pull the showing off the big budget well, Avatar is a good example of this, however I still get the feeling that in 30 years time we'll look back at Avatar and think that it looks outdated.

The acting in the film is generally quite good, but to be honest with you, by the end of the film I was pretty bored and I wasn't really paying that much attention, (and yeah, as you guessed it, the end of the film is, the hero brings back an old man and they actually realise that you can live till after you're thirty and they all live happily every after, or something like that). But there are some real cringe moments, most of the extras in the film are terrible.

All in all, it was an alright film, but not the freakish brilliance that I expected it to be. It is definitely a product of its time, but saying all this, it's definitely worth a watch if you've absolutely got nothing else to do with your time except watch a really outdated Sci-Fi film.

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