Alt:Mag & Friends: Kyle Booth The Composer

Hello readers, Alt:Mag is here today to show you some great music to delight your ears with. This music was created by our good friend Kyle Booth, a composer with a particular focus on film composition!

Listening to Kyle's music and knowing him personally, it is quite apparent that he puts a lot of time and effort into what he creates, and as a result, it turns out sounding incredibly professional. No word of a lie, the first time I heard him working on one of his movie scores, I honestly thought he was listening the soundtrack of a blockbuster film on iTunes or something. But nope, when I asked him about what it was, he turned round and told me it was a Logic project he was working on. Now that's awesome. But why tell you when I can show you. Here is some of the work he uploaded to Soundcloud, give it a listen:

Kyle has recently composed a short piece for a competition hosted by award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer. Click the picture below and have a listen to the piece he has submitted. If you like it, show your love by voting it up!

If you are somebody who makes movies, and you are in need of a dude to provide you with an epic soundtrack for your project, get in contact with Kyle via his LinkedIn page, he is always looking for new projects to work on! He also has a Facebook and Twitter page, so check them out too!

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