Hello everybody.

The day has finally come... well, it's already been and gone. Either way, on the 30th of October, Alt:Mag reached 100,000 all-time views. That's like, so many. I have found it hard to process myself... and in such a short space of time! We achieved this in two years and a bit, now I don't know about you but I feel that is progress. Don't think we're going to just quit now though. We will keep on providing the internet with our articles until our fingers break off from typing on our keyboards, and even then, we will hire clever monkeys to type the articles for us!

As always, check out our Facebook page and our Twitter page for updates and be sure to like and follow both! Also, check out the silly mock Pizza Takeaway logo I made above! You can also get it as a t-shirt. Click on the picture below to find out more!!!

Anyway, just wanted to make this short, but I still wanted to let everybody know who ever took time out of their day to check out or support Alt:Mag, that we are incredibly grateful.

Lewis Cox

Alt:Mag Editor

P.S. Anyone who promised to buy me drinks when we get to 100,000 views, time to cough up! (Laughs) 


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