Music Spotlight: Hopsin - 'Hop Is Back'

There's just something about Hopsin that gets me, and this time is no different with the release of his new single 'Hop Is Back'. Hop is back with a bang with a hard-hitting beat, a nice chorus and lyrics that hooked me in on the first listen, 'The Dark Knight's in this bitch without the mask and cape', too good. He stars off rapping about general MC stuff, before opening a can of woop ass in the third verse, insulting Kanye West and his latest release 'Yeezus', attempting to humiliate Kendrick Lamar and Hospin couldn't finish his verse with a lyric like 'I spill the blood of rappers and use Weezy dreads to soak it up'. He might get criticised for trying to seek attention with these lyrics dissing other rappers but frankly it's nice to see a rapper going against the grain of Hip-Hop and telling other rappers 'don't think you raw just cause you got success'. Check out the track below (with its awesome video) and get it on iTunes here.

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