Alternative Opinion: Nintendo 2DS?

Alternative Opinion is a weekly feature where Alt:Mag writers are given a question or topic, and submit their thoughts and opinions. Today's topic of discussion is Nintendo's newly revealed '2DS'. Have Nintendo struck gold with this new idea or are they totally barking up the wrong tree?

Lewis: I thought the idea was ridiculous at first. I think everybody did. It is so weird for a company to backtrack on a gimmick (the 3D screen) that they have been trying to push in our faces all this time. But when I watched a video on it, I changed my mind pretty quickly. I personally like the idea of a cheap (£109.99) 3DS for those who have no interest in the 3D gimmick, like myself. You see, I am a little bit interested in playing Pokémon X or Y when that comes out, and personally I think the 3DS is currently too expensive and my love for recent Pokémon games hasn't really been high enough for Pokémon X or Y to sell the system for me, but if their is a cheaper version of the 3DS available, then perhaps I might be interested, and right now I am indeed pretty interested. Being someone who doesn't really play my DS on the move, the handy wedge shape would be nice for longer gaming sessions. Although there is something off about the front of the console aesthetically. I guess it is just that I am so used to knowing the bottom and top screen are on different sections of the console with a hinge in the middle.
The only problem with this console is from the more business-orientated side of things and that it might confuse consumers. The 2DS plays 3DS and DS games, but it is technically just a 3DS without the gimmicky 3D feature. Parents or younger people who don't know any better might a 2DS and then walk into a shop looking for games labelled '2DS'. Also, a lot of people who I have met who own a 3DS don't really care for the 3D screen and tend to just turn it off and enjoy the game in 2D. Will the 2DS kill off interest in the 3DS? Only time will tell, but all I know right now is that Nintendo have been a bit off in the decisions department recently. 

Josh: I have mixed feelings about the New Nintendo 2DS. Not only does it look a bit boring with the flat design and it looks slightly impractical to hold (compared to holding the Nintendo 3DS or even normal DS already), although the design did leave a smirk on my face since it almost looks like a tablet rather than a game console. I am really glad that it is similar to the 3DS though, as it is really good for gamers who aren’t willing to buy the expensive 3DS just for the 3DS concept (I bought it a 3DS and I am not keen at all on the whole 3D experience since it is all blurry and messes around with my eyes, I only bought it to play 3DS games).  
However, I do think the shape and size of the 2DS looks annoying, since you can no longer stuff it into your pocket anymore compared to all the previous Nintendo DS hand-held consoles. Now you’ll be carrying a pad about half the size of an iPad and not an A5-sized lunch box game console that could easily fit in your pocket.
I can’t say much else about this besides the fact it’s cheaper than the 3DS. I am pleased Nintendo have made an alternative console for gamers to play on that’s not only cheaper but handy for playing 3DS games and original DS games too. And they got rid of that annoying 3D experience (I haven’t really tried that much interactive stuff with my 3DS yet)! However, my opinion may change but for now the 3D is not really my thing when playing 3DS games, and still won't be my thing when I am playing Pokémon X and Y someday.  

Aaron: As someone who neither owned nor even played a 3DS, this news does not exactly affect me in any particular way. However, the price drop and the new "slate" design does interest me. Was the 3D a failed venture (I'd hedge my bets that it was) or is this simply a response to Sony dropping the price of the best-hardware-you'll-never-buy, the PS Vita. Seriously, those Vitas' impress me more day by day, yet I don't expect to ever own one. The fact remains that this is, in my opinion, a smart move from Sony that shows that, when they really need to, they are capable of changing their ways instead of sticking to models that don't work, purely because they supported them originally. Nintendo just might be growing up.

What do you think of Nintendo's new 2DS? Has the idea finally convinced you to start playing 3DS titles? Do you prefer the concept over the 3DS? Is it a completely ridiculous idea? Let us know in the comments section below or by our Facebook or Twitter page. 

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