Song of the Week: Kodaline - 'Brand New Day'

I have found that this song and the album that it comes on is incredibly uplifting and every time I hear it I find myself smiling without fail.

I discovered Kodaline while looking for Biffy Clyro on iTunes and my first impression was that they seemed decent. But the song that really grabbed me was 'Love Like This'. The vocals provided by Stephen Garrigan (that kind of remind me of Neil Finn from the soundtrack to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) just sounded so damn cheery and almost had a personal feel to them. Their album, 'In A Perfect World' was downloaded right away.

Anyway, the song I've picked for this week's song of the week is 'Brand New Day' and it has 'summer' written all over it. It
is a lovely song to listen to in this glorious British weather that we have been graced with recently. The lyrics just make me feel like getting up and going outside to hang out with my friends, or perhaps you could play this song while presenting somebody a montage of happy memories. Either way it is a perfect song for summer.

I hope you like this song as much as I do, with it's optimistic feel and catchy lyrics that all sound great and may brighten up your days just like they did mine!

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