Song of the Week: Fatlip - 'What's Up Fatlip?'

I enjoy rap music. It is probably one of my favourite genres of music aside from rock music. The only problem that rap music has is that is seems like a lot of the artists within the genre just seem invincible, resulting in a horde of one-dimensional lyricists. I find that rap music can encourage hard work and boost motivation, but I must say that rap songs about feeling anything but powerful are in rare numbers (like, how can the average kid relate to people making songs about being rich?), well at least if you skim the surface. But if you look deep enough you find gems like Fatlip's 'What's Up Fatlip?'. Anyone who has played Tony Hawk's American Wasteland may remember this one. It's just nice to hear a rapper being honest through his lyrics and dealing with topics such as his personal insecurities. Also, the tune is hella catchy.

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