An Alternative Opinion: 'Pre-3'

An Alternative Opinion is a weekly feature where Alt:Mag writers are given a question or topic, and submit their thoughts and opinions. Today's topic of discussion is all about E3: what we want to see, whether we're excited, and what we expect.

Aaron: So next week the biggest event in gaming takes place: E3. Last year was a fairly lacklustre year; the end of the current generation meant there was no real excitement or big stories to be had, and generally it was a fairly drab event. This year however, promises to be massive. This is Sony and Microsoft's chance to truly show us why their next console is the one we should buy this "holiday season". After Microsoft's abysmal Xbox One reveal, this is going to be crucial for them, and I am very intrigued to see if they can pull it off and get the cynics, myself included, back on-side.
It's important for Sony as well though: they know that Microsoft will be pulling out all the stops, and while the Xbox One reveal may have been poor for gaming, that does leave Microsoft with the potential to dominate E3 this year. We've possibly already seen the biggest things the PS4 has to offer to gamers, while Microsoft have showed us precious little. This could very much work to the advantage of the Xbox One.
What's also crucial is that we get some truly definitive answers: what is the stance from both consoles on always-on, pre-owned games, one-play only codes. There's much still unknown, and the 2 companies both need to start answering.

Lewis: I mentioned in a previous Alternative Opinion article (this one to be exact) that 'Sony need to take note of the negative reaction to the Xbox One and use this to their advantage'. This still stands. A lot of people are still intrigued to see some games from Microsoft after the frankly awful reveal of their Xbox One console which basically just spoke about how you can watch TV a little and then watch TV a little bit more. Although people say this, I'm not sure this Xbox One is really going to win against the PS4, unless Sony really fuck up with their big E3 reveal. There has been too much negative reaction and little positive reaction to the Xbox One. The other day, Microsoft revealed some answers to some of our questions, further pissing people off. What Sony need to do is look at all this Xbox One nonsense and be like: 'Oh yeah, sure you can trade-in your games, no problem! Also, you can play games offline and shit. Also, here's a few great exclusive titles. We've got Shenmue III'. That's the way they need to do it. They should hire me to work for them I reckon. Didn't get an A-Level in Business Studies for nothing y'know.
Nintendo could also pull some interesting games out of the hat for the Wii U at E3 and surprise people, as games is really what the Wii U is lacking in at the moment... Nintendo need a new 3D Mario or something. I'm also really excited to see some new Pokémon X and Y related stuff. I really want to know what Sylveon's type is. Oh, and even if it isn't a PS4 exclusive, I want to see Shenmue III announced anyway, do it Sega.

What is your opinion on backwards compatibility? Are you annoyed that it could be destroyed or do you think that it is as backward as the name suggests? Let us know in the comments section below or by our Facebook or Twitter page.

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