Song of the Week: The Failing Farewell - 'What We Do (Take A Chance)'

I've been doing a lot of throwbacks recently, so since I'm currently growing my hair longer, here's another one (hooray!). This one is from the period of time in music when it was okay for emo kids to make upbeat electronic music that was laced with autotune. Nowadays autotune is generally frowned upon, but it doesn't stop this little gem from being catchy. Scene bros 'The Failing Farewell' had a moment of fame with this one, with the song being uploaded and shared via YouTube and stuff, before proceeding to change their name to 'Catch Me If You Can', releasing nothing else and fading into obscurity. I remember being addicted to this song one summer for a while. I think I was also addicted to watching Cardcaptor Sakura too. Anyway, here is is in all its bouncy electro glory.

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