Alt:Mag Is Two Years Old Today!

Hello everybody!

Well, what can I say. Happy birthday Alt:Mag. I really can't believe it. Two years ago I made a mock magazine cover just for a bit of fun (more about that here) and that venture eventually turned into this website. Look how far we've come. As I write this, the website currently has 78,707 views worldwide. Now that's something to be proud of.

I told Sam about that magazine cover the day I made it. He said "let's do it" and we got Haydn involved. Later on, the website was created as a method of telling people how far along the magazine was coming, and then that turned into the full time thing. A lot has happened in these past two years, and you can find out more here.  

So what have I really got to talk about? I discussed most of what has gone on in the last two years in my 1 year anniversary post and the post I did on Christmas day. Well I think it is time to say thanks to particular people who have helped the website along the way.

So thank you to:
  • The entire Alt:Mag team - all you guys come and go with articles, but no matter whether you are writing or not writing, you still hold the dream down and never stop believing. Thanks guys.
  • The Swordsaint Productions team - thanks for all the support and working with us to create the upcoming Alt:Mag commercial. Check their YouTube channel out here, their Twitter out here and of course Sword Saint Productions leading man, Mac's Twitter.
  • All our friends - all the people who have shown a keen interest in what we do here on the website, you know who you are. Keep it real!
  • All the readers - without you, getting as far as we have done would've been impossible. Hey, let's kick it and play Power Stone 2 sometime. 
Anyway, this next year for Alt:Mag is going to be the most exciting one yet. We've been thinking about new and exciting things to do with the website to spice things up a bit. In the meantime though, keep up your support by checking out the site, liking our Facebook page and following our Twitter.

Live on and be yourself.

Lewis Cox

Alt:Mag Editor

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