Song of the Week: Fall Out Boy - 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)'

Fall Out Boy never split up, but they weren't exactly together either. But judging by the storm of excitement on Twitter last month, you could really tell that many people secretly wanted them to return all along.

So the new track is fairly different from their previous material, but I can still tell who it is. Patrick Stump still has that awesome Michael Jackson-esque punk vocal style. The video features rapper 2 Chainz burning Fall Out Boy's discography (minus the upcoming new album Save Rock and Roll) - insert joke here about how someone should burn 2 Chainz discography - while the band are tied up in a van.

I love the bit of the song which goes 'I'm on fire!'. Definitely going to keep my eyes on this band, as I loved everything they have done before... I even recall seeing them perform in Brighton, although it kind of seems like a blur now. 


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