Assassin's Creed (Guest Game Review by Ryan Moorey)

Hello there, it is your favourite fascist of an editor, Lewis Cox here, introducing a new type of post on the website to you all. This one actually came from the writer of the following review, Ryan Moorey, so kudos to him, new ideas are always much appreciated. I have been busy with university work this week but Ryan has nagged me to put this up so here I am finally putting it up on the website. It is a guest spot feature for anyone we know who wants to get their reviews up on the website, or simply promote their writing. If you are interested in submitting a review (it can be about absolutely anything!) just drop us a line via our Facebook page or our Twitter page and we will go from there. Thanks a lot and I will look forward to seeing what you guys submit!

So without further adieu, let's have a look at what our buddy Ryan had to say about the game Assassin's Creed in less than 500 words (a challenge he set himself):

Well, here we go. I thought I’d write this on a spur of the moment. I wanted to give it a fancy name but I couldn’t think of one apt enough immediately and ‘Ryan’s opinionated drivel on a given topic’ seems to lack a certain flair.

Instead I’ll go for ‘<500’. To explain why, I’ve decided to go for a title which 100% covers what I need it too. I’ll choose something that I like and say why I like it in less than 500 words. That way I’ll keep it short enough not to induce comas and still get across what I want it too, there might even be some comedy in there as a bonus.
To kick off this masterful section of prose I’m going for Assassin's Creed. Granted it’s in no way original but I’m going to focus on the first one. Older games are generally better and sequels generally suck, apart from ‘Need for Speed Underground 2’, which was gold in many respects.

Assassin's Creed for want of a better description is a combination of runny-jumpy-killy-stabby-countery fun which encapsulates things I like. The locations in which you are immersed are extensive and fun to explore. Buildings for the most part are easy to navigate and more often than not pant-wettingly fun to climb. For instance take the massive cathedral in Acre. I nearly had a heart attack when my dude suddenly decided that letting go would be a laugh and I genuinely had stomach-in-mouth syndrome when I lobbed Alistair off the top into some nice momentum arresting hay.
One of the personal highlights of the game was trying to pick a fight with as many guards as possible and then waiting for them to attack you so I could counter-kill their faces off. It got a bit samey but it never got less fun. Killing people is generally frowned upon unless they are given a title of ‘terrorist’ or ‘dick-head’ and the latter is what you can describe 9/10 of your assassination victims. What was good about the main story was the way in which you could gather ‘intelligence’ about your target by completing a series of side quests. It made me feel like a true, composed and thorough assassin who wanted to know the best way to insert his sleeve-knife into the fleshier parts of his contracts.
Another plus about the first one is that there is no dithering. You unlock better weapons just by playing the game and you don’t need to waste time giving a large house a makeover or making a brothel as profitable as you can. There are people who do that for a job. Your job is extravagant hooded murder, not property manager, art collector or human resources manager. More murder, less dithering and game padding. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy playing the other games it just doesn’t have the same qualities that made the first one stonkingly original and fun to play.
Last Three Words.

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