Filling In The Blanks (Update)

Greetings, fellow earthlings and Alt:Mag'ers.

I haven't written a full article for what seems like a little while. The last one I properly wrote was the one about Power Stone 2 that you can find here. This week I was gifted with an illness in the form of a stomach bug, which had a few crappy after affects that continued pretty much up until today. I am feeling better now, but this more or less stopped me from updating the website this week, except for Josh's great article on the new Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance game, which you can find here.

Peter, Haydn, Josh and Sam have all helped me out in these past few weeks by posting up articles. They have helped this website stay up-to-date, because to be honest, at the moment I lack inspiration. I find myself too distracted by everyday life, a special someone and certain things I need to do and learn.

Although where I live at the moment could be considered a comfort zone, I am still adapting to being taken away from my original comfort zone, my home. My home is where Alt:Mag started and blossomed into what it is today. At home there are plenty of things to distract me, but they are things that I would usually write about.

I have many ideas on the horizon, but finding time to write them down in the form of full articles is the hard part. I will find some time very soon, I promise.

As always, if you haven't already please head over to our Facebook page and give it a like. You can find it here: www.facebook.com/AltMagUK

Please bare with me in the meantime.


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