Haydn's Musings: 'A Very Self Indulgent Account Of My Gig Last Night'

If this post is a tl;dr affair, then this picture sums everything up perfectly
I know it's probably the most egotistical thing ever - reviewing your own headline gig (it happened the Friday that has just been on 28th September), but I just thought I'd throw some thoughts out there about how musicians should treat other musicians.

Firstly, it was a really great line up with some brilliant talent on there, the first guy who came on was absolutely fantastic, as was the second guy who came on. Then this girl called Amy Firth came on, and she was good too. All these people seemed to have had a lot more experience than me, which made me feel loads of pressure at this show. I think it would be good to point out that I get absolutely awful stage fright. Put it this way, every single time I've been on stage before hand, I get a little jolt in my stomach and this jolt stays with me for pretty much the entire gig and it feels awful. I just want it to go away and leave me alone. I just want to get up there and do my thing without this horrible feeling that everyone in the room is judging you.

Getting up on stage and doing anything takes a lot of guts, everyone knows this, but it would just be nice if other musicians could stay and support the other people who are sharing the bill with them instead of just fucking off after their set, which seemed to be the theme of the evening. Even though the first guy played a great set, he left straight after while the second guy stayed on through mine and Amy's set. Amy didn't actually leave after her set, instead deciding to pack up and leave during my performance, which is in my opinion probably the rudest and most disheartening thing for any musician, to see people leave during your performance,  and given what I said before about my stage fright, it didn't really give me much of a boost.

But anyway, I cracked on with the set and it went really well, everyone who saw me said they enjoyed it and my stage fright that I was talking about before was pretty much non existent. I loved every minute of that performance last night and I left happy. The second guy who was on congratulated me as I left the stage, and it gave me hope and has actually encouraged me to play more, what a nice guy.

I'm not of course, hating on Amy Firth or the other guy. That would be unfair, I don't even know the girl, I'm sure she's nice and I'm sure she had a good reason as to why she had to leave during my performance, but still, some people in this world do need to learn a bit of manners and I guess I'm just using her as an example. Hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it doesn't come across as bitchy or whiny, but I do feel that I needed to make a point.

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