Alt:Mag Update (University, etc.)

So I barely got to sleep last night because some asshole was playing with the door frame in the flat opposite.

That's right, I am at university now and this is just a post to apologise for our lack of posts. Since I've been at university it has been a bit hectic and when I'm not working I have no time to write a post. However, I have been writing a few behind the scenes, including some that are going to bring back Alt:Mag to its roots ever so slightly.

I have met many cool friends since I have got here, including some who have taken an interest in Alt:Mag so perhaps we will have some new team members soon? Stay tuned.

Stay tuned for the rest of Josh's Oddworld retrospective, a review of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, a retrospective on Shenmue, a double feature on Haunting Ground and Clock Tower 3, a look-back on Drive-Thru records, a review of a few animes and anime OVAs as well as a few movie reviews. We've got some great things lined up this October.

And here's a little something to prove to you guys that I haven't gone all 'cool' on you and forgotten about what makes Alt:Mag what it is! I just watched the K-On! movie... it was nothing short of awesome. So here's Yui on the shelf in my uni room.

Anyway, it's time to try and get those pesto stains out of my Alt:Mag t-shirt. Stay awesome guys.

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