Alt:Mag & Friends: I Shall Wear Midnight

Alt:Mag is always up for helping out up and coming talent, and it rocks even more that one of those up and coming talents happens to be one of our close friends Haydn, who also writes on this magazine from time to time. His current music project I Shall Wear Midnight may not sound so polished due to recording limitations but it still rings with charm and emotion. When asked for a biography of himself as a musician on his Facebook page (go on this by the way), Haydn responded: "basically what happened was I was born then I went through some shit in life and now I'm here."

Very wise words from Haydn there. Anyway check out the music below and much more on the Facebook page if you are a fan of lo-fi/indie acoustic-y music like The Mountain Goats, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake or Daniel Johnston.

No Imagination by I Shall Wear Midnight

White Wall Song by I Shall Wear Midnight

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