Song Of The Week: Stolen Jars - 'Driving'

I first heard this song through an Apple advert for the iPad (the one with the retina display that probably isn't worth paying the extra 80 odd pounds for) and I loved the song on first hearing. The advert contains an edited instrumental version of the catchy riff (that appears behind the vocals at 0:37 on the YouTube video above). At first I thought the song on the advert was a guitarist's own take on the piano riff from Penguin Cafe Orchestra's incredible piece 'Perpetuum Mobile', although it ended up being a track by another band, Stolen Jars. You can download their album (the one that contains this album) from here. Just simply click 'Buy Now' and name your price. Your price can be '0' if you wish to download the album for free, but if you like this song I would recommend giving the band of money for their hard work! I did, honest.

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